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The staff at Lilac Homes are taught the Positive Physical Approach Techniques and Positive Approach to Care developed by Teepa Snow. Gina Nelson, RN, received her training certification in January 2015 after attending classroom training with Teepa.

This training includes how to approach, connect and effectively interact with those suffering from memory loss. The staff are also taught techniques for effective communication, challenging behaviors, and assisting with daily acitivies.

Welcome To Our Home

At Lilac Homes, we share values of belonging to a family, and the comfort of feeling at home. These values should not be lost if one suffers from memory loss. Lilac Homes provides a warm, secure, and personal environment, consistent with what seniors have experienced throughout their lives.

We recognize the importance that our residents feel safe and comfortable in their surroundings. Unlike large traditional institutions, our two homes are smaller in nature.  This will ensure the highest level of care is provided for your loved one within a traditional home setting.